About us

Your Cloud List - makes shopping that little bit easier

The app and this website were inspired by the needs of a business more than anything, but it became apparent that it could be used by anyone to make shopping easier.

The business need was to efficiently communicate what products to buy from various wholesale companies for a shop. They wanted to avoid scraps of paper, to complete a list in a matter of minutes and they wanted a list that could be downloaded to a phone. Getting the stuff in the right order in the wholesalers was also a big big advantage in time and ticking items off as they were purchased was another feature we added. The state of the list also had to be stored locally on the phone. Before this was achieved the status of their list was lost every time someone called! Very annoying.

Clearly this can be used for any type of list but everyday shopping is the most obvious.

Look at it this way, your are in the office all day, quickly go onto your cloud list when no one is looking create a list in a couple of minutes and click update.

Text your partner and tell him to open up the app and your new shopping list is in front of his nose.