A Guide to Your Cloud List

Please Note: To see the steps outlined below properly you will need to sign up, it is free and all that is needed is your e-mail address and of course a password. These are kept securely and are not used for any purpose other than this website and the app on your phone to access the list.

Step 1 - ADD ITEMS

This is the most important step and the stage that makes "Your Cloud List" so quick to use; all you have to do is add the usual type of thing you buy to the list using the ADD ITEMS Tab. On the list for your shopping you might add stuff like milk, eggs or bread. You can add up to items 5 at a time and repeat as many times as you like.

There are a couple of examples below of how you might do this

Example 1 - This one is a grocery list which uses the names of various shops you usually go to in the "location" Field to guide the person doing the shopping (if it is not you that is). The "other" field is entirely optional you can use this as you like and in the Mobile app you can choose not to show it at all if you feel it is unnecessary.

Example 2 - This one is also a grocery list but uses the location as a place within a supermarket. This can be very powerful since the phone app orders the shopping list by location, it enables you to quickly and efficiently select your groceries by location.

Business Use - Some users of "Your Cloud List" are business users. And the list can be used to great effect to select products for your own shop from a wholesaler, saving a great deal of time on each visit.

Step 2 - MAKE A LIST

Now all you have to do is make a list. Click the MAKE LIST tab, edit the number you want of each item and click update at the bottom of the page. That is it, an example is shown below.

Your list will appear on your phone when you click on the "Your Cloud List" App.

If you say you want none of some of the items, these items will not show up on the phone.


You can review your list on the computer if you like, just lick the REVIEW LIST or just go straight to the phone app.

An example is shown below, note how the list orders by item location to make it easier to grab the stuff you need quickly and get home.